Transit and Inside Out FAQ

Does my student have to preregister before Sunday?

Yes, in order to maintain a spacious environment, we are keeping our environment capacities limited. Registration opens up on our website every Monday at noon.

What does check in look like for the Youth at the Annex?

We are using a new contactless check in system! We will have name tags pre-printed for our Youth and they just need to give us their last name and pick up their tag.

Are youth required to wear a face covering?

Yes, a mask or other appropriate face covering is required for everyone age 10 and up to enter our buildings and must be worn the ENTIRE time.

When dropping off my student what can I expect?

You can pull up and drop your youth off at the Annex! We will have volunteers outside to welcome students in (from a safe distance). We’ve installed multiple hand sanitizer stations in the Annex Lobby and throughout the space.

How are you screening volunteers who will be serving with the Youth?

All volunteers and leaders will have a health screening and wash their hands prior to stepping into our Youth environments.

What cleaning supplies are you using?

All cleaning supplies that we use are CDC approved and are safe to use for student environments. We will not allow any student to come in direct contact with our cleaners at any time.

How often are you cleaning rooms?

All rooms and environments will be sanitized before and after each service time to ensure students always enter a clean room.

If my youth tests positive for COVID – 19 after attending a service at BF, what do I do?

Please notify our staff immediately so that we can communicate with anyone who may have been in contact with them.

What if I registered my youth but we can’t make it on Sunday anymore?

Please notify our staff via email if you need to cancel a youth’s reservation. If you give us enough notice we may be able to give your registration to another youth who wants to attend.

If you have more questions about Transit or Inside Out, please feel free to directly email our staff at