By Kaila Powell

Wow moments come in all different forms. They can be the best thing to ever happen to you, or they can be a defining moment in your faith. Either way, I’m sure you can all think of a time in your life where you experienced a “wow” moment.

I experienced a moment like this just recently in regards to my mission trip to Egypt. Throughout my life, I have always felt the slight call to do some sort of missions. However, I never thought that I would be called to do missions outside of the United States. I always thought that my calling was to stay here in America and do missions. When Chris presented this idea to go to Egypt to me, I was pretty taken aback by it. I thought, “wow that sounds like a lot of fun, but I really don’t think this is right for me.” I told him that I would pray about it and get back to him.

Something so amazing happened that next morning. As I was spending my alone time with Jesus, I began to pray and read in Romans. From the very beginning of my alone time, I felt God repeatedly telling me that I was supposed to go to Egypt. I really thought that I was hearing him wrong and was just constantly asking him, “well are you sure?” After about an hour of alone time, it was clearer than ever that I was going to Egypt.

This was such a wow moment for me because never in my life have I heard God speak so clearly to me. I fought his answer so much because I was so shocked that his answer was so clear. I remember being so excited in that moment not just because I was about to embark on this incredible journey, but also because of how well he communicated that answer to me.

Now, as I sit in Egypt, I look back on this whole journey and see all of the wow moments I have experienced. There have been so many beautiful, amazing ones, but there has also been a lot of not so great moments that have completely changed the way I view Christ and our walk. Regardless, this whole journey itself has been a wow moment. I have learned so much from others, Christ, and even myself. I have been stretched so much in my walk, that if you were to compare it to where it was six months ago, you wouldn’t be able to recognize it.

So, whether your wow moment is a breath-taking moment that is indescribable, or your wow moment is a time in your life where you felt the world falling down at your feet, celebrate both. Celebrate those moments where you feel like you are flying and celebrate those moments where you feel like you’re doing nothing but a free fall, because both moments are times in your life that shape your walk with Christ.