Two42 Leadership Time Commitment

Serving on the Leadership Team with Two42 is a major commitment. If you are in leadership in other ministries or organizations, or already over committed, being a college leader may not be your best option.

Here is a brief description of the commitment expectation for all leaders. Please note that all of these commitments are mandatory for all leaders and cover the entire academic year.

Total time commitment ~9-12 hours/week:

-  Outside time with your group members (group fellowship, one-on-ones with your members, 2+ hours/week)

-  Leaders’ Meetings (2 + hours/month, first Sunday of the month at 6pm)

-  Prep time (preparing to teach your study/planning and executing events; 2-3 + hours/week)

-  Two42 (2+ hours/week, Thursdays 7-9pm this is a minimum. Leaders are encouraged to stay later on Thursdays)

–  Sunday Morning 1.5 hours/week

-  Events (flexible, depends on what you’re doing when)