There is no feeling more uncomfortable
than looking around a room and not knowing where to go…
where to find your place

Maybe you feel a slight twinge of that emotion walking into church. You love your Sunday experience and know that you belong here, but you haven’t quite found your place that others have seemed to find here. We should all have a place, and it’s time to find yours here at Brazos Fellowship

Serving is the best way to find your place. When you invest your time in something bigger than yourself, you will see growth in your spiritual life and the relationships around you. Your place is where the people around you truly know and love you for who you are. Serving here is more than just individuals who gather to give their time, it is groups of people who are committed to help each other grow in their faith as they work together.

Find Your Place at Brazos Fellowship

Learn more about the different teams where you can Find Your Place:

Waumba Land (6 weeks - Kindergarten)

Waumba Land cares for the youngest kids of Brazos Fellowship like they were their own for an hour on Sundays so parents can relax knowing their kids are safe and learning about Jesus in their own environment. We believe every child should have the opportunity to explore the wonder of God and his creation and know there will always be someone ready to love them.


Highlighted Positions

Preschool team members create a space for our 3-4 year old kids, providing them a safe and fun environment to learn about Jesus in. You allow parents to be fully present to hear God’s word in the Auditorium and introduce the gospel to preschoolers, helping them begin to understand their relationship with Jesus.
Babies constantly demand someone’s time and attention; Nursery team members provide a safe and fun environment for babies to enjoy. You allow parents to be fully present in the Auditorium to hear God’s word and introduce the youngest attendees to their Heavenly Father through your love and attention.

Additional Positions

  • Kindergarten
  • Kids Welcome Team
  • Kids Worship Leader
  • Toddlers
UpStreet (1st - 5th Grade)

Elementary age kids are wired to explore; they discover new things almost daily as they try out new ideas and skills. We believe the Bible should never be boring, every child should have the opportunity to explore and discover truths about God, worship can be really loud, and good leaders always care.


Highlighted Positions

UpStreet Small Group Leader
UpStreet Small Group Leaders play a pivotal role in helping children explore their faith with peers while cultivating meaningful relationships. Providing kids their own safe and caring environment to learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus while their parents attend the service in the Auditorium.
Kids Welcome Team
By the time families arrive, they have likely spent their morning frantically getting children dressed, packed, out the door, and in our doors. Kids Welcome Team members ensure families have a seamless experience when entering the Kids Area, kindly welcoming and assisting families with any needs they have.

Additional Positions

  • Kids Social Media Team
Welcome Teams

Church can feel daunting and overwhelming. Welcome Teams provide welcoming smiles while safely guiding you through the parking lot all the way to the Auditorium seats. Answering questions, meeting guest’s needs, and giving you a cup of coffee along the way.


Highlighted Positions

Parking/Golf Cart Driver
Unmarked or confusing parking lots cause us all a lot of frustration. The Parking team is here to help each guest navigate the parking areas and provide those with the longest walk a safe and fun ride. Providing a friendly, safe, and frustration free atmosphere before you even get to the door.
Ever struggled to pay attention or find yourself just in need of another cup of coffee? The Hospitality team is here to save the day by providing coffee to all our guests. Adding a familiar comfort to the overall experience of BF and helping us to have less sleepy interactions.
Event Staff
Entering an unfamiliar space or dark/loud auditorium can be overwhelming. The Event Staff are the go-to for guest needs in the Auditorium, providing a friendly welcome, helping find seats, and ease tension as they enter the service.
Whether it’s someone’s first time or 500th time through the doors everyone deserves a safe space where they know they can belong. The Greeters at the front doors provide a friendly and welcoming experience that reflects the love of Jesus to every attendee.


A truly great and spirit-led worship experience has the ability to soften hearts, prepare us for the message, and allow guests to see how their faith and life work together.


Highlighted Positions

  • Bassist
  • Lead Guitarist
  • Keys Player
  • Acoustic Guitarist
  • Vocalists/Soloists



Our world is full of distractions that pull our attention away from God and how He is moving around us. The Production team creates an authentic, engaging, and safe atmosphere for guests that join us in the Auditorium or on our Online stream.


Highlighted Positions

Front of House Audio
Front of House Audio team members create a well-balanced audio mix for band members and the individuals in the Auditorium. For the second half of the service, they allow the main communicator to be heard clearly and understood, extending the impact of the message beyond Sunday mornings.
Computer Graphics Operator
Ever hear something and wonder if you heard correctly? Computer Graphics Operators help those in the Auditorium follow along and participate in the service while providing support to worship team members, hosts, and the main communicators on stage.
Lighting Operator
Our world is full of distractions that pull our attention away from God and they don’t magically melt away when you step into the Auditorium. The lighting operator provides visual enhancements to help set the mood in the room during worship and draws attention to different focal points throughout the service resulting in the smooth operation and transition between service elements.
Stage Hand
Ever wish you could be in two spots at the same time or have another set of hands? Our Sunday Morning Producer does all the time. The Stage Hand allows the Producer to remain in the booth and focused on coordination of service elements while handling technical issues that may arise on stage, reducing distractions for those in the auditorium and on stage leading worship or speaking.


Our world is full of distractions that pull our attention away from God and how He is moving around us. The Broadcast team creates an authentic, engaging, and safe atmosphere for guests that join us on our Online stream.


Highlighted Positions

Broadcast Audio
The Broadcast Audio team member minimizes the distractions caused by audio issues and varying levels, enhancing the quality and consistency of the worship and message experienced by our online audience.
Broadcast Director
The Broadcast Director is the commander-in-chief of the online service our viewers see, guiding camera operators to share the beautiful story they can tell through the camera lenses.
Broadcast Camera Operator
Camera Operators are able to find beautiful, life-giving moments that are happening on Sunday mornings, capturing those moments and sharing them with our online Audience. Bringing the experience of the service from the Auditorium into guests’ homes.
Post Production Videographer
We can’t create videos highlighting all the awesome things that the Lord is doing for our people and our community without having footage. You can use your creativity to capture moments in your own creative spin and a different angle using the camera.

Creative Team

Highlighted Positions

Take someone from disconnect to seeing themselves represented in the church. Great pictures can be powerful enough to give you an idea of what to expect, feel accepted and known, or save a moment in time to look back on and remember the goodness of God.
Social Media
Often the first look at church is online, not on campus; ensure that our social media is a direct reflection of why Brazos Fellowship exists. Social media channels are the main place to be searched and analyzed to get a picture of what to expect before anyone steps a foot in the door.

Care Network

We all have defining moments in our lives—challenging circumstances, relational pain, transitional seasons. How we respond during these times has a direct impact on our futures. The Care Network provides a variety of ministries, professional counselors, helpful resources, and care plans to help you move forward.


Highlighted Positions

Prayer Team
Prayer is not always an easy thing to ask for; it takes courage and vulnerability to seek it out. Being part of our Prayer Team you ensure when someone is willing to take that step, they know they will be prayed over.
Care Portal Response Team
When a problem or crisis sounds too daunting it can be hard to know how to help. Whether you want to keep one child out of foster care, help one family in crisis stay together or rally your community, the CarePortal Response Team connects you to needs as they arise in your neighborhood.

Additional Positions

  • GriefShare Leader
  • Ramsey+ Leader
Adult Ministries

Life is full of potholes, dead ends, and empty promises that cause people to get stuck. The Adult Ministries Area creates spaces and opportunities for adults to get unstuck and find their way in life through community, care, and education of how faith and life work together; helping people to find the full and satisfying life God always intended for them.


Highlighted Positions

Discussion Guide Creation Team
It can be overwhelming to choose a curriculum for a small group. The discussion guide this team creates each week, allows groups to interact fully with the messages taught at Brazos Fellowship and group leaders to focus on building relationships within their group instead of searching for what to study next.
Build Coaches
People want to grow spiritually, many don’t know how to get started or are waiting for growth to just simply happen. Build Coaches help people who have started a relationship with Jesus by meeting with them one on one to encourage and equip them to take steps to help their faith get rooted in their life and grow stronger.

Additional Positions

  • Adult Small Group Leaders
  • Volunteer Recruiter
Online Chat Moderators

Online events can be impersonal and easy for attendees to get lost during. Chat Moderators recreate the welcoming environment people experience when they step foot on campus and let them know they are seen and known when they interact or ask for prayer.

Transit and InsideOut (Youth)

Being a teenager is hard, you feel alone and like you can’t talk to anyone; even though we are connected by smartphones, many are still lost and alone. By creating an irresistible environment that students want to be in and providing every student with at least one caring adult, we get to be the beacon of hope pointing them to Jesus.

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