Join us for Easter this Sunday!








Easter is our biggest celebration. Easter gives us hope. We also know that attending an Easter service can also bring out anxious feelings for some of us.

Will I belong? Will I wear the right thing? Where do I sit? 


Here is what to expect when you join us on Easter Sunday:


1. If you are bringing your kids and want them to attend a service designed specifically for them, you can register them here:  When you arrive you will print a sticker for them, and drop them off in their designated classroom.

2. Come into the auditorium and enjoy worship and a message from Pastor Will.

3. If you are joining us in-person, everyone age 10 and older is required to wear a mask.

4. Leave the room having more hope in your heart than when you walked in. 


You will belong, you can wear whatever makes you comfortable, and we have helpful volunteers to guide you to a seat. So join us, in-person at 8:30, 10:00 or 11:30. You can also join us online at 10am if you would like to experience Brazos Fellowship from your home!