Rebecca McCarty

Ministry Teams Director/Women’s Ministry

Rebecca McCarty

Ministry Teams Director/Women's Ministry

Rebecca is a locally grown Texan who has lived in the Brazos Valley her entire life. Her husband, Alex, and three kids keep life full and meaningful. Long distance running keeps her energy levels high; whenever she finds a rare open day she loves to fill it with a road trip or a new and fun adventure.

The love and acceptance of other believers taught Rebecca that she was created with intention and purpose. She was drawn into ministry because this understanding was so revolutionary that she wanted to share it. The driving force that keeps her dedicated to helping others is the knowledge that the greatest human need–more foundational than air, water or food–is to be reconciled to Jesus the Savior.

For more than 10 years, Rebecca and her friend Susan have been life accountability partners. This experience has challenged them both to pursue God closely, which allows them to be a spiritual influence to one another. Through highs and lows, joy and heartbreak, they have been able to offer truth and love to one another as sisters through the body of Christ.

Rebecca often draws on this spiritual truth in her daily life:

“If I am #1: Loving God with all my heart, mind, and soul; and #2: Loving others as I love myself; then God will take care of the rest.”