Leslie Allman

Office Manager

Leslie Allman

Ministry Services Director


Leslie grew up in Lexington, Texas and has lived in College Station since 2005. She is married to Shawn, a veteran of the US armed forces, and spends extra free time with her family whenever possible.

Through the years, Leslie has been blessed by friends and mentors who helped her see God through the difficulties of life, and she now feels the God-given desire to pass that blessing along to others. The most satisfying part of ministry is having the opportunity to pour out God’s love and see lives change in response.

Leslie had a lifelong mentor and high school coach that taught her a wealth of spiritual truth. This coach demonstrated love to the students no matter their history, and freely gave grace and mercy while teaching her players character. In later years, even in the final stages of terminal illness, she remained confident in God’s love and mercy. Through the years of relationship with this mentor, Leslie learned this advice which she passes along:

“Always focus on the blessings: Even on the darkest days, God’s light is shining somewhere in your life!”