2019/2020 Leadership Development Program (LDP) FAQ

Q: What is the purpose of the Leadership Development Program at Brazos Fellowship?

A: The Brazos Fellowship Leadership Development Program (LDP) is designed to develop young leaders that are interested in pursuing ministry or work inside a ministry as an occupation. The program is also designed to support BF ministry areas in needed roles.

Q: Who on staff heads up the LDP program?

A: There will be one central BF staff person in charge of the program. But each LDP will have a “staff mentor” that they report to for their ministry area. The point person leads the program; the rest of the staff lead the LDPs in their jobs.

Q: What departments are open to LDP candidates?

A: For 2019/2020 we will have openings in the following departments:

  • WaumbaLand (6wks - Kindergarten)
  • UpStreet (1st - 5th grade)
  • Youth (6th - 12th grade)
  • College
  • Worship
  • Production
  • Adult Small Groups
  • Care Network
  • Guest Services
Q: What are the primary responsibilities of each LDP?

A: While the overall responsibilities will vary for each department, LDPs can expect hands on ministry experience. We believe the best way to learn is to do. So that is exactly what the LDP experience is all about. Doing ministry. Each week may look different, but you will be intimately involved in the vision and happenings of your specified ministry area.

Q: Who is the ideal candidate to be a LDP?

A: This program is specifically designed for college students (excluding incoming freshmen) that have a passion for ministry and connecting people to the story of Jesus. If you are looking to expand your leadership potential while getting hands on ministry experience this is designed for you.

Q: What else do I need to know before I decide to apply?

General Information:

  • The Dates of the LDP commitment are May 13, 2019 - May 1, 2020
    • You get an extended break for Christmas break
    • You get a select number of weeks off during your time at Brazos Fellowship
  • All LDPs are considered employees of Brazos Fellowship (not contract labor)
  • LDPs will be paid via direct deposit on the last day of each month
  • An Apple computer is required to participate in the Leadership Development Program. (If you do not own one, you will be given one to use that must be returned at the end of the program)
  • LDPs must attend a weekly meeting 90 minutes long (required to participate)
  • LDPs agree to participate in the program 20 HRs a week, which includes your time on Sunday and the weekly LDP meeting
  • LDPs must agree to not work another job during your LDP commitment
  • The total compensation for being a part of the Leadership Development Program is $7500

Leadership Development Program (LDP) Application

Thanks for your interest in participating in our leadership development program! Please carefully read and complete this application and submit it. We will be in contact with you soon with your next steps.

Complete the LDP Application by clicking the link here