At Brazos Fellowship we have a goal of excellent performance that contributes to engaging listeners in worship through music. Our Brazos Band musicians lead this time of worship each Sunday and at our First Wednesday services. While the players rotate, the commitment to excellence in music remains the same. Brazos Band also functions as a study group, providing spiritual connection and community in a small setting.

Worship God in music

You may hear talk of worship being all about the music. We understand that music is an element of our weekly service that as a whole invites participants into a time of worshipping God. We don’t worship so that we can get something out of it, like a good cleansing or a natural high. Rather, we worship God because he is worthy of it, and as a response to all that God has given us through Jesus.

The ministry of the Brazos Band is to facilitate the congregation’s development in these five elements of worship:

  • Core: Understanding the basis of worship
  • Character: Examining our conduct as Jesus worshippers
  • Craft: Practicing our skills to worship with excellence
  • Chemistry: Engaging the congregation to worship God through ministry
  • Community: Interacting as a family with similar interests and callings.

Get Involved

This band is made up of members of our congregation seeking ways to participate in the life of the church through music. This could include you! We are always incorporating new musicians into our rotation, so if this sounds like a way for you to get involved, we want to hear from you!

Contact or call 979.680.8888