Waumba Land 2 & 3 - Nursery (Crawlers and Wobblers)

Once babies begin to become mobile, they graduate to the second nursery level. These babies are barely beginning to understand isolated words, but they are very ready to experience examples of love and nurture.

We introduce crawlers and barely-beginning walkers to these three basic concepts:

  • God loves me;
  • God made me; and
  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Each month, we focus on one of these three truths. Volunteers have a simple song or rhyme they repeat to the little ones while rocking, changing or playing with them. We believe that even as babies are developing language, we can begin the work of building a solid foundation of truth for their lives.

While it may be hard to entrust someone else with your precious mobile sweetheart, our team of dedicated volunteers has worked very hard to provide a safe place for active little ones to spend an hour away from their parents. We want parents to have a chance for spiritual refreshment in the main auditorium, too.

For nursing mothers needing a quiet spot, the women’s restroom in the Upper Level includes a small room with a chair for nursing, as well as a changing table and a door for privacy.