BigStuf 2018

Panama City Beach, FL
July 22-July 27

BigStuf is more than a camp; it’s a new way of life for students. Success for BigStuf isn’t what happens while students are in Panama City Beach for camp. Success is what happens after their camp experience. Students will experience four fully packed intentional days of camp. They will receive three meals each day, five main sessions, and small group time. Students will be with their Brazos Youth leader throughout the day as they bounce from main session, small group, team competitions, free time and meals.
BigStuf is for all graduated 6th-12th grade students!

Cost: $499

When: July 22nd-27th

Who: Graduated 6th-12th Grade

Payment Plans:

We have three different payment plans to make this as pain free as possible!
Plan 1- $60 deposit due at registration
$100 due on March 11th
$100 due on April 8th
$100 due on May 6th
$139 due on June 10th

Plan 2– $60 deposit due at registration
$200 due on April 8th
$239 due on June 10th

Plan 3- $199 deposit due at registration
$300 due on June 10th

(Plan will be selected when registering)

Brazos Youth- BigStuf